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01000 IBM Hungary
01001 SP/2 education (AU91, AU96, AU93)
01002 AIX, LPAR, HACMP, Linux, VS pascal education
01003 (see education tab)
01004 This project ended.
01005 eDF (Regional Electric Works formerly known as DÉMÁSZ Rt.)
01006 RS/6000 SP hardware and software upgrade
01007 RS/6000 SP installation
01008 p570 installation, micropartitioning
01009 LPAR design, configuration
01010 Tivoli NetView installation
01011 Tivoli Workload Scheduler installation
01012 Tivoli Storage Manager installation
01013 Tivoli Monitoring installation
01014 Disaster recovery plan creation
01015 Disaster recovery site hardware and software environment creation
01016 This project ended.
01017 NYUFIG (National Pension Insurance)
01018 RS/6000 problem solving, consultation services
01019 Application porting to AIX, Linux environment
01020 Backup system design and implementation, operations (TSM)
01021 Tivoli Monitoring implementation
01022 Tivoli Network Manager installation and customization
01023 This project ended.
01024 National Tax Office (APEH SZTADI)
01025 F50 installation
01026 InfoPrint software installation, configuration, application development and support
01027 AIX education
01028 InfoPrint Manager education
01029 ISIS Papyrus Designer education and development
01030 System support
01031 This project ended.
01032 Raiffeisen Hungary
01033 Design and implementation of ISIS Papyrus based document development and high volume outbound mail generation system
01034 DS8000 and XIV integration with pseries systems
01035 This project ended.
01036 Bábolna Rt.
01037 H70, S7A, 6F1 installation
01038 SSA subsystem configuration
01039 AIX education
01040 Oracle/AIX problem resolution
01041 System support
01042 This project ended.
01043 Local government of Budaörs
01044 Performance test
01045 This project ended.
01046 ELMÜ Rt. (Budapest Electricity Plc).
01047 RS/6000 SP installation
01048 IBM AIX education
01049 RS/6000 SP design, installation
01050 RS/6000 SP system administration education
01051 This project ended.
01052 E-ON
01053 P570 installation, partition
01054 multiple data migration
01055 This project ended.
01056 Eötvös Lóránd University
01057 H70 installation
01058 This project ended.
01059 FÖTÁV Rt.
01060 Upgrade plan based on performance evaluation
01061 This project ended.
01062 Hilton Vienna
01063 RS/6000 43P/170 installation
01064 PPP server configuration
01065 This project ended.
01066 PEK Rt (member of Hungarian Post).
01067 3rd party software error debugging and solving in RS/6000 environment
01068 System support
01069 S7A installation
01070 This project ended.
01071 National Oil Company (MOL Rt.)
01072 SP systems reconfiguration, upgrade
01073 This project ended.
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